CNS — The Essential Platforms to Build Your Social Identity in Web3

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3 min readNov 16, 2023
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Building your social identity in web3 can be daunting, with so many engagement platforms to join and the short attention span of the crypto community across different platforms. New, exciting platforms pop up all the time and people try.

X, previously Twitter: The best public platform to build your social identity in web3

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X is by far the most used platform to build up public profiles. It is used by both projects and KOLs to share updates, post opinions and thought pieces, and even just meme posting to engage with their followers. X is home to a vibrant community of developers, investors, traders, KOLs. There’s plenty of educational information on the platform and it is easy to engage with other people through retweets and quote tweets. Discoverability can be tricky but with the right strategies you can build up your following and reputation on X.

Telegram: Fast updates, news groups, project communities

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With support for bots, Telegram is widely used by projects and KOLs for direct communication and delivering quick updates to their communities. Telegram is also used as a monetization channel by influencers who provide extra “alpha” to members in their paid telegram groups. Knowing how to use Telegram effectively can often help you hunt for that little extra alpha, make new friends and even start your own community.


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Discord is where communities delve deep into projects, participating in discussions about various topics, sharing jokes, information and updates. Discord has powerful features such as bots, verification channels, built-in games and reward systems that can server owners identify and support the most active members of their communities. Many projects have partially token-gated discord servers, letting supporters access private channels that provide early information, updates and sometimes benefits. Learning how to join and participate in discord communities is a great way to build up your web3 social identity.


The platforms for long-form content, articles and thought pieces, Medium and Substack host plenty of educational content written by various researchers, analysts, developers and KOLs. There’s no better place to share your knowledge and insights than in a Medium or Substack article, and it’s a great way to build up your reputation as an analyst or researcher. Articles can also be shared to other platforms like Twitter and Reddit to gain even more exposure.

Tying it all together

Once you’ve built up a following across different social platforms, you want to make it easy for your connections and followers to find your social links. CNS helps you aggregate all your social information across different channels onto one platform, tying it all to your web3 social identity.

The web3 card lets new contacts discover your various social platform profiles with the assurance that the links are verified by you as the owner of the CNS. Since all links tied to the CNS can only be edited by the owner of the CNS NFT and the data is backed by the security of the Cardano network, CNS owners can protect their connections and followers against spoofing and phishing links with a verifiable web3 social identity.

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