How CNS Enables Social Identity on Cardano

CNS - Cardano Connect
2 min readOct 26, 2023
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Over the past few weeks, we have been working on the back end of the CNS platform and are very close to the mainnet launch. Before the official launch, we’d like to share additional information about CNS and what makes us stand out.


Fully decentralized minting registry — The output of the transaction signed by the user contains the actual CNS minted, which is finalized and recorded on the Cardano network

CNS uses smart contract based, plutus script NFTs which are decentralized compared to Mary era NFTs, where the only gate is through the project owner’s private key. This avoids the situation where the token becomes fungible when the owner mistakenly mints 2 tokens with the same name, like in the case of the Hosky NFT token which was minted twice

The CNS minting record duplication check is guarded with scripts. We deploy a newly developed data architecture to allow >4000 minting records per UTxO stored onchain with efficient insertion & member checking.

User record updating is token-gated at the script level. Only CNS domain owners can use CNS's interface to amend their virtual domain and social records. All records are stored onchain as inline datum attached in a reference token’s UTxO


CNS is social-focused. Our goal is to become a social identity platform as essential as the likes of X(formerly Twitter), Telegram and Discord for the Cardano community, including builders, investor, NFT holders, or even just visitors who are interacting with Cardano for the first time

We have a bigger vision of onboarding new users onto Cardano with the Web3 card feature. CNS provides a first access point for Cardano users exchanging contacts with features that promote sharing and accessing social information of new connections, making it easy to discover new communities of like-minded people

CNS helps partner projects connect with new users via the CNS platform and lets users discover new projects. We also work with projects to organize campaigns to reward users powered by CNS domains.

Meet us in Dubai

We’re also excited to announce we’re heading to the Cardano summit in Dubai in November, where we’ll be showcasing the features of CNS to users.

You can find us at our booth from 2–4 November.

See you there!



CNS - Cardano Connect

Web3 social network powered by Cardano, backed by Emurgo and Adaverse.